HOA Management Services

Our Guarantee…
   It is our guarantee, and not just a promise, that we’ll make your community the ideal home for you and your neighbors.  Because with us you get:  accessibility and accountability, customized management, strategic and financial planning…guaranteed!

State-of-the-art software, which is available 24/7 to Board Members with secure online access.

Administrative:  Monthly/Annual/Special Board Meetings; Insurance Administration; Day-to-day operation of community correspondence; File Maintenance.

Financial:  Bookkeeping; Accounts Payable; Assessment Billing/Accounts Receivable; Past Due Collections; Budget Preparation & Forecasting; Financial Statements.

Property Services:  Work Orders and Service Reports; Maintenance Scheduling, Coordinating & Supervision; Site Visits; Bid Specifications & Contract Administration.

Reporting Services:  The Board can opt to have reports emailed or viewed online.  Our reporting is comprehensive, thorough and customized for each client.  Examples include Financial Reports, Delinquency Report/Actions, Maintenance Reports, Work Order Logs, Inspections, and Property Evaluations- just to name a few.

Maintenance Company: Our in-house Maintenance Company can improve the operation and appearance of your Association cost effectively.  Some services are performed by Property Service Works, and others utilize properly licensed and insured third party vendors. In any event, New Town HOA Management has the resources and capability to keep your community in top condition.  Services include:  Building Maintenance; Pool Maintenance; Pressure Washing; Carpentry; Painting; Irrigation System Maintenance; Cleaning of Clubhouses; Handyman Services, Plumbing Repairs and Light Electric.

Education and Information:
Provide information, training, and leadership on community association operations to the board, committees, and the community at large.

Condo Management

Condo Association Management

New Town HOA Management offers customized plans for both Residential Condo Associations and Professional Condo Associations.

Our standard Condo Management services plans are inclusive of the following:

  • Initial Full Condo Community Management Assessment & Proposal
  • Strategic Planning
  • Total Condo Financial Management
  • Processes review/ General Condo Association Maintenance
  • Monthly Reports
  • On-site visits
  • Online payments, documentation, Condo Association Business

Financial Management

Financial ServicesWhen your Association or business is represented by New Town HOA Management, your financial success and vitality is our number one priority.  

  • Bank account reconciliation & balancing
  • Homeowners Association Budget preparation & funds disbursement
  • Collection & delinquency reporting
  • Homeowners Association Balance sheet preparation/ income statements
  • Independent review of Association books & records (up to 5 year review and forecast)
  • Preparation of HOA tax returns and filings
  • We partner with BB&T Association Services with secure, convenient payment options