Here’s what our clients have to say about us and our services…

“As a board member of a local community, we struggled to find a good management company and our neighborhood was paying the price. We then found Newtown and met with Cassandra and Kelsey and were hopeful for a positive change in our community. A year later I can tell you we are beyond pleased with them. They are on top of issues, extremely responsive professional and a true pleasure to work with. Our community has never looked better, and we greatly owe it to Newtown HOA Management!! Highly Recommend!!” – Jenn

“I am very pleased with New Town HOA Management.  As the new President of our HOA, I didn’t know what to expect from our new management company but working with Cassandra Dickson has been so easy!  She has been with us through every step and walked us through our duties.  Her knowledge and experience have been essential, and with her help, our neighborhood is running smooth, and our residents are very happy!” – Deborah        

“Cassandra Dickson is wonderful as our Manager with New Town management. Since I have been on our HOA Board, she is always quick to respond both by email and phone call. Cassandra shows dedication and caring as our HOA Manager. My neighbors are satisfied with how well she responds to all of our concerns. Cassandra has been great at our Board meetings. She’s excellent at what she does! Thanks Cassandra!” – Sher

“Our HOA has worked with several other management companies and their personnel over the years and, unfortunately, found them wanting. When Cassandra Dickson became our Account Manager our bad experiences came to a screeching halt. Cassandra has been responsive; responsible; energetic; and, most importantly, she listens to our HOA Board of Directors and the homeowners! She searches out better ways to get things done in our community and find less expensive ways to do them. We so appreciate Cassandra and New Town HOA Management as we partner with them to make our development a great place for our homeowners!” – Colleen

Cassandra and Kelsey are simply amazing!! We switched over to New Town about 3 years ago, we should have made the switch sooner. As President of our HOA, I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to our small community. They are quick to respond and take action, I can always rely on them and frankly they treat us awesome! Thank you and I highly recommend them to any community!” – David

“I am very pleased with how New Town HOA Management is managing our community. They are very prompt in handling and addressing issues that arise and are helping us make our community a much better place to live in. Cassandra is very professional and experienced. Thanks, New Town!” – Lisa

“As an investor we have dealt with multiple management companies in North and South Carolina. I can tell you that Newtown has by far been the best we have ever dealt with, and at this time we deal with 3 different management companies in York County. We have dealt directly with Cassandra Dickson at Newtown. The previous management company had made an unbelievable mess of the records by not posting payments, posting payments months after they were received, and simply not doing the job they were hired to do. Cassandra has worked many hours getting this mess straightened out. Anytime you have people violating the by-laws in a community, and then they are finally being held accountable, they are going to be angry. Newtown is simply enforcing, for the good of the community the by-laws that are already in place. If the board of our other properties decide to change management companies, I will definitely recommend Newtown, and especially Cassandra Dickson. She is honest, fair, smart, works hard and is very professional and polite. Thank you, New town, and Thank you Cassandra Dickson.” Gina

“I can’t speak highly enough of the amazing ladies at New Town Property Management! I was in desperate search of a new property management company that would be willing to take our community on. After several attempts in contacting at least 15 different companies not one was willing to Help us.

Finally I came across New Town Property Management, my last call. I reached out and left a message, shortly after Cassandra returned my call, and actually came out the same day and met me at the property, which was very impressive. At this time I was not even a board member I was just an owner in the community, and wanted to help everyone here, as this property was clearly distressed.

Cassandra was extremely professional and was very clear with what would take place if the were to take us on. Shortly after they signed on to our community, she immediately found several delinquent owners, and several violations per our bylaws. Cassandra and her team took action immediately on all of those who were in violation including board members. In the very short time, we had several owners that have not paid their dues for several years, in a few short months these ladies not only enforced the rules to all owners as well as renters, they have taken us out of the red and most of the owners that have been behind on dues for several years, are all current with the exception of one or two. I am now a board member, and I can’t express to you enough of how much work it is to try to manage and run an association, along with your everyday job, not to mention the stress that is created on you by owners or renters not following the rules. The stress level is removed from us board members with the help of Cassandra and her team. Honestly, I don’t see how they do it! I cannot be thankful enough for all they done, and I cannot recommend them enough to everyone. Like any business you’re going to see you negative reviews, and you also have to remember people who lived like this for several years are use to living in these kind of conditions. When a property management company steps in and starts to enforce the rules, of course people are going to be upset, no one enforced the rules for years. This property management company is very transparent, upfront, and honest. Yes we have a long way to go, and major improvements to make to our community, but without the help of New Town property management, There is no way we could do this alone. The expertise, the knowledge, the connections, and the dedication that these people offer are hands-down 5 Stars!” – Ken